So what's "Off Camera" Lighting?

It's how we get our "Signature Look."

“Off camera lighting” is about creating drama with light and shadows. It generally can’t be done with the flash on top of the camera. It’s why our pictures look almost 3-dimensional.

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Off Camera What?

Off-Camera lighting is about achieving drama in photos with light and shadow. Mostly, it cannot be achieved with a flash on top of the camera. Therefore, we bring a dedicated lighting director to all events to create directional lighting on-the-fly.

Off-Camera lighting is how we get our signature look. It is sometimes hard to explain to clients what this is and how it informs our photos. It also adds a layer of complexity for both the photographer and the client.

Here are some before and after shots to show you how our on-location lighting techniques can completely change the look of our photography. There are some absolutely hopeless photography situations here. With off-camera lighting, they go from hopeless to portfolio images.

We’ve also left the lighting in some of the shots below so you can see how we roll out in the field. We can recreate sunlight, moonlight, hard shadows, soft shadows, you name it. We don’t need no stinkin’ sun…

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