We’re all Sony Mirrorless, baby!

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I’ve gone Sony Mirrorless! We had a great 2018, and it’s not over yet! People are always asking me about my gear, I thought I’d take a moment to tell you that I’m now an all-Sony Mirrorless camera shop! I started playing with Sony Mirrorless cameras earlier this year and just love the performance. Great focusing, great low-light performance, and lots of really great technology packed into these smaller mirrorless cameras. (They weigh a lot less, too, which helps a lot!). We also sold off all our Quantum flashes and have now moved towards the amazing Flashpoint Xpro series for all our off-camera lighting. Bigger lights, softer modifiers, and most importantly, NO CABLES or BATTERY PACKS! Everything is lithium ion these days, with radio transmitters that carry farther distances than anything I’ve previously owned.

This is my official 3rd move from the “big three” camera systems. We were all Canon for many years, and then went all-Nikon. Interestingly, Nikon is jumping into the mirrorless game so we’ll see how they do there. I’m sure their cameras will be great. If you want to see what I’m currently taking out with me at weddings, check out my Kit so you can see for yourself the investments I’ve recently made in top-shelf gear.

Anyway, if you’re wedding is coming up and we’re shooting it, you’re going to be treated to the power of Sony mirrorless! Can’t wait to break out the lights and cut’em loose on our upcoming weddings! Samples to come shortly! Meanwhile, why not check out our services or contact us for hire!

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