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Weddings and Engagements

With over 700 weddings under our belt, from here to the Virgin Islands to Puerto Rico, we offer award-winning wedding photography without breaking the bank.

Starting at $3600

Weddings and Engagements

You could call weddings our “specialty” if you go by the numbers.  While we’ve shot hundreds of headshots, family portrait sessions, sporting events, and single portraits, we’ve shot over 700 weddings.  Furthermore, we’ve shot weddings in every kind of weather condition imaginable, including hurricanes.  Rain, snowstorms, lightning storms, dense fog, frigid cold and sweltering heat have all been on the menu at one event or another, and we’re bullish about making sure that we get the level-best photos possible on any given day.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a very personal choice, and is highly subjective.  To some extent, you’re buying a style.  What one person loves might not resonate with another, so we invite you to check out our portfolio to get a sense of not only how we shoot, but also how we edit, which is another important factor to consider.  The other thing you need to consider is the personality of your photographer.  A lot of our reviews talk about our laid-back nature, and our ability to make our clients comfortable.  If the client isn’t comfortable, the pictures are going to reflect that.

We’re also known for delivering weddings, fully-edited, in less than 2 weeks from when the event took place.  We deliver full-resolution, 300 DPI images via digital download that have no watermarks and no restrictions for your personal use, as it should be.

Lastly, chances are good to very good that we’ve shot at your venue.  Knowing the grounds, where the sun is going to be and when, how to shoot in bad weather, etc., comes from years of experience.  All the camera gear in the world can’t solve for inexperience.  Our experience at many, many venues means smooth-sailing for the client, low-stress, and a photographer who knows when to step in, and when to hang in the background.  We also tend to know the staff, and we know what they expect from us.  We keep things flowing so the entire event goes off without issue.

We’re proud of our 19 year history and our hundreds of satisfied clients.  Why not get in touch and join the ranks of satisfied customers!


What's Included?

Our wedding packages are quite diverse, and we believe we offer the most value for what we provide in the entire area.  We include the following in all our packages:

  • Engagement Sitting
  • Free web gallery of your digital proofs
  • No time restriction on the day of your event
  • Off-camera lighting to bring studio quality portraiture to your event
  • Quantity four (4) 8 x 10 prints of your choosing
  • Full digital download of your edited photos with no watermarks at full-resolution
  • Rapid turnaround of the edited, final proofs, usually within 2 weeks of the event

To learn more about our wedding packages and what’s included, please check out this page.

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