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Professional Portraiture

Glamour, Headshots, Families, Sports, Communions…we run the gamut and can bring studio quality photos and lighting to your location. Nobody does it quite like we do.

Starting at $325

Professional Portraiture

We’ve shot portraiture in every style.  Glamour shots, professional headshots, modeling, families, communions, confirmations, sporting events, live music and theatre…we’ve covered all of it.  We’ve shot in highly controlled environments, and we’ve shot in environments that are very difficult to control.  Our expertise and experience allows us to approach every project with a unique perspective, and we find we can often take advantage of less-than-perfect conditions and still make a great portrait.  One of our client’s once joked that we could take a great portrait in an alleyway with a dumpster in it.  And we believe that, too!

We offer lots of options and creative ideas when it comes to portraiture.  Depending on your needs, we will collaborate with you to help you realize your vision, and we’re thoughtful when choosing locations, unless there is a need to shoot somewhere specific.  We give our clients lots of latitude when making the decision about how they’d like to be photographed, but also provide expert guidance to ensure we’re giving our clients  as many options as possible.

We bring top-level gear and lighting to all our portrait sessions. We have everything from small strobes and flashes to 800 watt second studio strobes, from small softboxes to 8 foot octaboxes.  We can use one light or many lights, depending on the situation.  We shoot in RAW to get the highest level quality on location and then edit in multiple tools to give your photos the polish our clients have come to expect.

Many of our portraits have been published in books, magazines, technical publications, blogs and other media.  We believe we have a unique approach that is client-focused and achieves outstanding results.

Check out some of our favorite portraits below, and by all means contact us to schedule your session, no matter how large or small!  We got ya covered!

What's Included?

All portrait sessions are different.  Factors such as location, the type of portrait session, what type of equipment we need to bring and how long we’re going to be there will all influence the pricing.  As such, our portrait sessions are priced based on the specifics of the client’s needs.  In all cases, however, you’ll get:

  • Fully lit (as necessary) portraiture using custom lighting and setup depending on the type of portrait
  • Flexibility in the choosing of your location where possible
  • Fully-edited, high-resolution images that are color corrected for print or web
  • Full digital download of your final images with full client copyright for personal use
  • Flexible scheduling opportunities to suit your busy schedule

Professional Portraiture Gallery

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