Gino Guarnere Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio! I constantly add to this and try to pick photos that best represent my style as both a photographer and an editor. When choosing a photographer, first and foremost, you should really love their pictures, which is not the only necessary ingredient for a successful partnership. You should also speak with your photographer and make sure you are going to have a great working relationship. That mutual trust is what makes the photos! I partner with my clients well before the actual event to make sure we’re completely aligned in every possible way. My portfolio not only represents my skill as a photographer, but illustrates my ability to have the kind of relationship with clients that makes this portfolio possible. I hope you enjoy it!

Review by: Marissa and Matt

Gino was wonderful to work with and I’m so glad that we chose him as the photographer for our wedding! Our photos came out better than we could have imagined, the lighting is great! It was such a pleasure to work with Gino and it was great to do our engagement photo session with him so that by the time that the wedding rolled around it felt like we were old friends and made it that much easier to get great shots!
Marissa and Matt's Rating:
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