Gino Guarnere Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio! I constantly add to this and try to pick photos that best represent my style as both a photographer and an editor. When choosing a photographer, first and foremost, you should really love their pictures, which is not the only necessary ingredient for a successful partnership. You should also speak with your photographer and make sure you are going to have a great working relationship. That mutual trust is what makes the photos! I partner with my clients well before the actual event to make sure we’re completely aligned in every possible way. My portfolio not only represents my skill as a photographer, but illustrates my ability to have the kind of relationship with clients that makes this portfolio possible. I hope you enjoy it!

Review by: Laura and Jonathan

Gino is not only extremely talented, but he is one of the nicest, most personable people I have ever met! Every step of the way Gino was there and would respond to emails almost instantly. He was actually one of my favorite parts about wedding planing and I will really miss him!! My husband and I, along with our families and friends, had so much fun with him and his team
Laura and Jonathan's Rating:
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