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Below represents the questions I tend to get the most as it pertains to weddings.
Whenever I have a discussion with a new client, I will take the time to answer any questions you might have regarding schedules, timelines, logistics, or anything else you’d like to talk about. Since I have a knowledge of many venues in the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs, I can often make suggestions that will help you make the day a little easier on yourself and the venue. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to speak about your upcoming event!

We embrace technology.  You’ll get your photos via digital download. No DVDs or any of that crazytown.  We are happy to help you with the digital download if you need it.  We’re there for ya, just so ya know.

We shoot up til the cutting of the cake.  It’s not an exact science, however.  For an additional $299.00, we walk out when you walk out.  Great option if you’re doing fireworks, chinese lanterns, etc.

We are insured.  We are insured for liablity, property damage, and a number of other things.  There are many venues we shoot that will not allow us to enter the venue without insurance.  As such, we pay a premium for insurance every year to make sure our clients are covered as well as our staff.  We can provide proof of insurance if you so require it.  Just ask!

This one is kind of important.  While we strive to maintain an aura of professionalism, and we realize it’s a wedding, we work a very physical day.  We lay on floors, we sometimes climb things, and we generally get dirty.  We kinda rock a Johnny Cash meets SoHo Hipster vibe, if that makes any sense whatsoever.  We also walk an average of 5 miles at a typical outdoor wedding, easily.

We prefer checks, but we take credit cards via Paypal, we take cash (duh), we take money orders, and, in the spirit of the Millienial Wedding, we have proudly and somewhat-cooly started accepting Venmo, which is fast-becoming the preferred payment method for many of our clients.

We edit pretty fast.  In fact, we’re known for turning around weddings in about 2 weeks, sometimes less.  It’s not because we don’t take expert care in the editing room, it’s because we shoot the photos within range of the final edit.  Basically, we get things right on-location.  

The “First Look” has become the standard for almost all weddings that are taking place outside of an actual church. From a logistics perspective, you’ll actually get more photo coverage if you do a first look. First looks usually give you about 2 more hours of photos, and you won’t be giving up your cocktail hour to rush through the pictures. It’s a good move.

Off-Camera lighting is basically lighting our subjects with various lighting techniques that are not connected directly to the camera.  It’s a technique that’s highly utilized in studio settings, and usually involves setting up lights off to the sides of our subject rather than right in front of them.  It’s what gives our photos their “look.”

Review by: Tyler and Carlian

Gino was quick to respond throughout the process. Our pictures came back to us within 2-3 weeks of the event and were stunning. I told him the pictures are so incredible that we look like movie stars in some of them. We are 100% satisfied with the service and would DEFINITELY recommend him to anyone for their wedding. Throughout the picture taking of the entire event, Gino was extremely patient and pleasant to work with. We had some non-English speakers in my wife's family and even with that, the process was seamless.
Tyler and Carlian's Rating:
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