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Mandy and Andi

Event Date: October 24, 2021

Location: Downingtown, PA

Event Type: Portrait Session

Venue: Kerr Park

Event Details

I met Mandy and Andi at a wedding we did for a different client.  Mandy was the Maid of Honor, and was super-helpful throughout the day.  She had attention to detail, was helping the bride throughout the day, and gave up key portions of the “social” aspects of the wedding day in order to make sure she was there for her friend.  Later in the evening, I met her partner, Andi, and they were having so much fun together out on the dance floor, at dinner, pretty much everywhere.  It looked like they would be tons of fun to do portraits with, so I asked them if they’d be interested.  They immediately said “yes” and we exchanged contact information.  We set a date, and off we went!  Portrait sessions are such a personal experience, and every couple is different.  One thing is for sure, however: when you get a couple that really enjoys being around each other, the camera sort of disappears into the background.  This was a great example of such a shoot!  To see the full gallery, check it out hereContact us today to book your portrait session!


Client Name: Mandy and Andi
Type of Event: Portrait Session
Date of Event: October 24, 2021
Venue: Kerr Park
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