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Kimberton Inn Wedding Photography

Event Date: January 4, 2020

Location: Kimberton, PA

Event Type: Wedding Event

Event Details

I love doing wedding photography at the Kimberton Inn!  The establishment was built in 1796 as an inn in the Quaker town of Kimberton, Pennsylvania. It’s rustic and wonderfully quaint, dimly lit (which has its challenges for photos) and has sprawling grounds surrounding the main building.  My clients, Tisha and Jay, did their reception there after getting married at St. Elizabeth’s Church. St. Elizabeth’s is a beautiful church and I’ve shot there many, many times. There are so many great details to capture in the church, but even more so at The Kimberton Inn.

Tisha and Jay had a very small event, perhaps about 50 people, and they had the entire Inn all to themselves, which made it easy for their guests to fill the various rooms and keep the crowding to a minimum. There was a piano player there, doing some holiday music in the main bar area, and it blended in perfectly with the din of conversation among the guests. Wedding photography at The Kimberton Inn has some challenges. The main bar area is very dimly lit, but there is a ton of window light coming in at the perimeter of the bar. In this case, I chose to do some photos with no flash at all, and used just the window light, which created a sort of side light and lots of shadows. In other cases, I used the flash to bring up the ambient of the entire bar. I tended to like to the natural light photos quite a bit, as it was closer to the way things actually looked to the naked eye.

The Kimberton Inn is well known for their food.  There were butlered Hors d’oeuvres and they were absolutely fantastic (isn’t ANYTHING wrapped in bacon fantastic?). The event was small enough that I was actually able to take a photo of the entire guest list out front on the massive steps. It was a very wet day, so we chose not to walk the grounds as it was mostly grass and mud was everywhere. Having said that, I was really pleased with the beautiful shots I was able to take during the cocktail hour. If you’re getting married at The Kimberton Inn, please keep me in mind for your wedding photography! If you’re not, I highly recommend you go there and grab a bite to eat!

I’m grateful to Tisha and Jay for having me aboard! I met so many nice people, and was reminded of how many great dining options there are in the Chester county area! If you’re interested in hearing more about my services, feel free to contact me for hire!


Client Name: Tisha and Jay
Type of Event: Wedding Event
Date of Event: January 4, 2020
Venue: The Kimberton Inn
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