Georgia and Stephen’s Wedding

Event Date: September 22, 2019

Location: Downingtown, PA

Event Type: Wedding Event

Event Details

Georgia and Stephen provided me with about as much fun as you can have at a wedding! They were super-friendly, and they were both so very excited to join together in front of their closest friends and family. Georgia and I met at Downingtown Country Club, where she was the winner of an engagement sitting that I raffled off at a bridal show. After she won the prize, we started talking and realized we were a great match for each other! She called me a month or so after the bridal show and we started talking about the engagement shoot. At this point, she hadn’t actually booked me as her wedding photographer yet, but it didn’t take long for us to come to the conclusion that I was a great fit for her and Stephen.

Georgia and Stephen had a laid back day at the wedding. This is awesome, because when the couple is tense, the photos are generally harder to get. We left plenty of time for the major photo sessions and had time to spare. One of the great things about my preferred vendor status as Downingtown Country Club is that I know how much time they need to get everything ready. As such, I can schedule the photography around the venue, and that gives the bride and groom plenty of time to do photos but still have time to chill in between the photography and the ceremony itself.

We had a fantastic day at Downingtown Country Club, and I’m thankful to Georgia and Stephen for having me aboard!


Client Name: Georgia and Stephen
Type of Event: Wedding Event
Date of Event: September 22, 2019
Venue: Downingtown Country Club
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Gino! I literally can not say enough!!! He met my expectations and then some. He went above and beyond from start to finish. I can not stress enough how wonderful and professional he is. He takes the most amazing photos and really puts his heart in it. He came in and literally rocked the day out! My pictures are absolutely beautiful and I can not thank him enough. Gino you ARE THE BEST!

Georgia and Stephen
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