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Branzino Philadelphia Wedding

Event Date: December 14, 2019

Location: Philadelphia

Event Type: Wedding Event

Event Details

Heather and Brian had an amazing event at Branzino Philadelphia Weddings!  I’ve known Heather for years, and she always said when she tied the knot, I’d be her photographer.  Well, she made good on her promise and booked me several months ago.  Heather and Brian, however, decided to do something a little bit “different.”  Heather and Brian invited 50 of their closest friends to Branzino Philadelphia under the pretense of having a 50th birthday party for Heather.  Little did her guests know, however, that she and Brian got engaged the night before the dinner party, and planned to tie the knot in the actual dining room at Branzino’s!  Heather wore a simple dress and we did photos around the Rittenhouse Square and Love Park/Christmas Village area with her 2 bridesmaids and Brian.

After the photos were done, Heather and Brian showed up at Branzino’s for the dinner party and she was still wearing her regular dress.  Then, after the second course, she slipped into the bathroom and put on a wedding dress and came rolling back into the dining room.  To say her guests were surprised would be an understatement!  She then proceeded to tell the entire dining room that she and Brian had gotten engaged the night before and were going to do their vows right there in the dining room.  One of her bridesmaids immediately stepped up to perform the Quaker ceremony and the guests were so stoked to see these 2 join together.  Then the party kicked into the next gear and it became a wedding reception!

Branzino Weddings Philadelphia does a great job.  The food was amazing and dining room looked elegant and accommodated Heather and Brian’s closest friends and family quite easily.  We had a fixed menu and everyone got to choose their courses weeks before the event.

I applaud Heather and Brian for doing something outside the box.  It was my last wedding of 2019, and it was really refreshing to do something different that also played a little bit of a joke on the guests.  Everyone was thrilled and the pictures came out really wonderful.  It was a great time and I’m thankful to Heather and Brian for having me aboard!  Happy Holidays to everyone!


Client Name: Heather and Brian
Type of Event: Wedding Event
Date of Event: December 14, 2019
Venue: Branzino Philadelphia

Gino, is fantastic! We did a surprise wedding and GIno was one of the few people in the know. We worked together to do a night shoot that had some challenges with people, rain, dark and me who wouldn't look in the right direction! The preview pictures we have seen are amazing! Gino is the only photographer I ever want now or in the future!

Heather and Brian
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