Let's Get to The Deetz!

My husband is not one to want to take pictures usually, and after the engagement shoot and wedding, he couldn't stop talking about how much fun he had with Gino -- Brandi

Let's Get to The Deetz!
Now that we're going to work together, let's get the details captured so we can make your day perfect!
1The Basics
2The Ceremony
3The Reception!
Do you plan to see each other before the ceremony?
This usually includes taking pictures of the dress, flowers, invitation, etc. If you're doing a first look, this is generally about 4 hours before the ceremony actually begins! If you are not doing a first look, this is generally about 2 hours before the ceremony begins.

Let's make this awesome!

You ready to make some memories? Awesome! We’ll be with you every step of the way! So, this form helps me and my staff get ready to shoot your event, so please take some time to fill everything in so we have all the details necessary to make this a great day for you!

After we receive it, (you’ll get a copy by email as well), I will schedule some time to talk through everything to make sure we’re on the same page!

I’m really looking forward to working with you and can’t wait to see you at the event!

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