Downingtown Country Club Weddings

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Downingtown Country Club Weddings and GG Photo: Perfect Together!

I’ve been doing Downingtown Country Club Weddings for many years now. I’ve been a Preferred Partner for 5 years in a row. I gotta tell ya, we’re a match made in heaven. Let me tell you why, in case you’re considering using them for your venue.

They’re making major updates to the place

Downingtown Country Club Weddings have always been really wonderful, elegant affairs. But when Ron Jaworski took over, he was bringing years and years of experience putting together world-class wedding events from his many other clubs. I’ve shot at most of Ron’s venues, and the upgrades they are making to Downingtown Country Club are significant, spare-no-expense upgrades. In fact, the place is starting to look like the kind of venue you could only book in Center City, Philadelphia. It’s truly amazing how much it’s changed. If you haven’t seen it recently, go stop by.

Downingtown Country Club Weddings by Gino Guarnere Downingtown Country Club Weddings by Gino Guarnere

They know how to do weddings.

Doing weddings is not easy. Some venues have the space to do it, but they don’t have the expertise. Kerry Connors, the Wedding Sales Manager (a title not befitting everything she truly does) is on top of everything, and then some! Every detail is considered. The food is exceptional. The decor, lighting, and upgraded dance floor make for a truly memorable event. As a photographer, we live and die by our partnership with the venue. Venues that are “photographer friendly” help us make better pictures, and that makes happier clients for everyone. Downingtown Country Club is, by far, the most photographer-friendly venue we’ve ever encountered. And they treat the other vendors (aka, “us”) like family, which is not always the case at other venues.

Downingtown Country Club Weddings by Gino Guarnere Downingtown Country Club Weddings by Gino Guarnere

The photography is always good there, no matter what the weather

We’ve done Downingtown Country Club weddings in rain, sleet, snow, hot sun, and ice. We’ve shot there in sideways rain. And no matter the weather, there are so many amazing places to take photos, the weather becomes irrelevant. That’s important, because you can’t control the weather on your wedding day. Having a venue that has amazing photographic opportunities both inside and out gives us and our clients a level of comfort knowing that no matter what mother nature gives us, the photos will be great.

Downingtown Country Club Weddings by Gino Guarnere Downingtown Country Club Weddings in Winter

We’ve shot thousands upon thousands of photos there over the years, and we’re looking forward to shooting thousands more! We’re already heavily booked there for 2020, and if you’re looking for a photographer who knows that venue better than anybody, feel free to contact me for hire!

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