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Budding Photographer in the Family!

I was asked to supply some photos of myself for some piano gigs I'm doing in the area. Naturally, I'm always the person taking the pictures, but today I needed someone to take my photos! When my son rolled in from school, I had already setup my Flashpoint...

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Nikon D750 Review in Walt Disney World

Check out my on-the-ground Nikon D750 review in Walt Disney World. Can it replace the venerable D700 as my primary body? Is it as good as the D810 for $1000.00 bucks less? Read about my Disney trip to find out the answers!

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HDR Storm Clouds

Storm clouds are a must-shoot HDR. If you’re looking for your first HDR opportunity, go find a storm rolling in, grab your camera, and tee off in multiple exposure mode if your camera has it. If it doesn’t, just kick it old school. You’ll be glad you did.

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Follow my Photography Blog!

There are lots of great photography blogs to follow out there, and for this year, I’m determined to make mine one of them! Of course, my inspiration for all this has to do with everything I learn from the photography blogs I follow. I’ll try to provide some inspiration where I can, but I also use this site as a means of trying out new experiments in both technology and photography, so you never know what you’re gonna git, as Forrest Gump once said…

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