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Meet Gino Guarnere, Photographer

Howdy! I’m Gino Guarnere and I’m a photographer. I shoot portraiture, fashion, weddings, product, sports and even marine photography. I take a camera with me everywhere I go. I generally shoot over 100,000 photos per year. Those 100,000 photos include shots taken with my Sony, Fuji, Canons, Nikons, Iphone, you name it. If it takes pictures, I’ll use it. I came to photography from an unlikely series of hobbies coming together all at once. My kids are the best human beings I’ve ever seen. I play piano and made it all the way to a teacher from The Curtis Institute of Music.  I’ve run 5 marathons and 34 half marathons. My grandfather is Wild Bill Guarnere.  Pretty cool.

What I hear most about my photography is that I really put people at ease.  I’m easy to work with, and I listen to my clients to make sure I’m giving them what they’d like.  While there are dozens of photographers in the area who do what I do, I think my ability to get people excited about having their picture taken while staying relaxed is what makes me different.  I believe photography is about your subject, and I let things happen somewhat naturally.  My clients, after a session with me, generally will say, “that was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be…” I do a lot of off camera lighting.  If you like my work, it probably has something to do with the way I light my subjects.  You should definitely check out my portfolio.   My pricing is hard to beat for what we provide.  In fact, we deliver more for your money than just about anybody else out there with our level of experience and accolades.

You might also want to check out my Frequently Asked Questions.  It’ll answer most of the questions we get regularly.

I’ve shot hundreds of weddings, thousands of portraits, and my work has appeared in magazines, tech blogs, books, periodicals, novels and documentaries.  My ongoing reviews on Wedding Wire tell the tale probably better than I can, so I urge you to check those out.  If you like what you see here, perhaps we can work together!   Please feel free to contact me for hire.

The Littles...

Gino Guarnere, Principal Photographer
Portrait by Mark Gambol

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Review by: Melissa and Casey

My advice to you is to definitely book Gino as your photographer for your wedding or any other event. He is well worth the money. Our wedding pictures were stunning and so many people gave us compliments on them and said how "cool" and "awesome" our photographer was during our entire event. Gino is so flexible leading up to the big day and he really made the process of taking pictures so easy and seamless.
Melissa and Casey's Rating:
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