HDR Storm Clouds

Jun 28, 2015Articles, Blog, HDR

HDR is still cool from time to time. HDR storm clouds are always cool. Take these photos I recently shot as a storm was rolling in (the power went out shortly after this sequence). This was one of those photos that immediately screamed “HDR.” I just wouldn’t have been able to capture that nutty cloud sequence without underexposing the foreground. It’s where HDR shines the most.

I did an HDR tutorial some ways back. Since then, I use the technique sparingly, but it still has its place in every aspiring photographer’s toolkit. These shots are a perfect example of a good-reason-to-shoot-and-process-an-HDR-photo.

Just thought I’d remind myself why I learned HDR in the first place. I thought about taking the drone out for a spin for this shot, but I wasn’t quite sure I was going to get it back. Needless to say, this shot was safer with both feet and camera firmly planted on the ground.

Enjoy! Shot with the venerable Fuji X100s in multiple exposure mode, and processed in the somewhat-complicated-but-really-versatile HDR Efex Pro. Finishing touches and final processing in my go-to application, Adobe Lightroom.

Enjoy the view from the safe distance of your monitor!