Just did a wedding tonight…I’ll post more photos once I get them processed, but I’ve really tried to make it a point this year to post production shots so people can get a sense of what we actually do at weddings that makes our stuff different. Here, my intrepid lighting director, Michael, is hanging out a second story window at Cairnwood Mansion so we could light the bride and groom as the sun started to set. The production shots are completely unprocessed, straight out of the camera. Following that are 2 processed images so you can see what our lighting really adds to the scene. I was shooting from ground level looking up. An on-camera flash would have failed miserably at this…the solution, therefore, is to take your light off the camera, crank it up to full power, hire an assistant who is willing to hang out a window with about $1000.00 of flash gear on a flimsy pole, and let’er rip!

You’ll notice Michael on the left side of the frame, pretty much hanging out the window with a softboxed Quantum flash. Triggered remotely by me from the ground level. Take note how dark the bride and groom are in the first production shot. That’s pretty much what we were dealing with without the off-camera flash.

Before and after shots below. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Production Shots, No Processing

Final Images