I was going through a recent wedding I shot and had a laugh at one of my production shots. The first picture sort of illustrates what you might expect at a wedding shot by Gino Guarnere Photography…In that photo, you’ll see the shenanigans we go through to get a picture, including recruiting bridesmaids to arrange the wedding gown, holding up diffuser panels, along with my LD (Lighting Director) who is largely responsible for putting back some of the light I ultimately am trying to take away…

I think production shots illustrate some of the things that makes my photography different. Following the production shot are 2 of that actual final images that I created from that particular setup. Thought everyone might like to see how much goes into taking just one photo when we’re on the gig…if you are thinking of getting into wedding photography, this is, in my opinion, how it looks from the camera point of view!

Click on the photos to see the full size pic!

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