I’m planning to start a great new section on my website to teach photography concepts and skills to those who want to learn “virtually.” This series will start with teaching basic skills such as shutter speed, fstop, and ISO, and will then move forward with weekly photography assignments. These lessons will be a great way to teach budding photographers how to use their cameras, no matter what the brand, make or model.

This is an important concept, as I believe many people think that you can only get great pictures if you have a great camera. While there are some clear advantages to having a DSLR, you can still make amazing images with a simple point and shoot. The simple fact is that the rules of photography, the science of it, the compositional aspects, are the same whether you shoot with an Iphone or a Hasselblad. It’s a lot like playing the piano: A good piano player can coax an amazing sound out of an upright piano while a hack won’t be able to make a Steinway sound good.

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me on this great teaching journey. Many of you have asked me for tips and tricks along the way, and I hope this new section of my website will help you gain the understanding you need to make great images.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for more!