Carolina and Jordan had the most perfect day for a wedding imaginable. Moderately cool outside, sunny, golf course, and a very light breeze. It was amazing. Of course, Downingtown Country Club has exceptional weddings, and they cater to the bride and groom from the minute they walk in the door til the time they leave. This day was no exception. Everything was outstanding.

Weddings that take place at the same location as the reception (most country club weddings are like this) are a little bit tricky. The issue is that once the actual ceremony is over, the cocktail hour starts almost immediately. That means that the usual 2 hours or so a photographer would get between a church wedding and the reception is gone. When this happens, I like to “front load” the photography. Basically, I do all the major photography sequences before the ceremony actually starts. It does, of course, require that the bride and groom see each other before they get married, which is frankly not as big a deal as it used to be. In fact, all my country club weddings over the last 2 years have done it this way. It’s cool because you can actually craft a “reveal,” or a moment when the bride and groom get to see each other that is totally their own. I hang back with a long lens and capture this special moment to let the bride and groom feel that this moment is completely theirs. It’s a better photo then any photo I’ve ever gotten in a church of that same moment.

Carolin and Jordan agreed to this approach, and we were able to do their family shots, bride and groom, bridal party, pre-ceremony candids, and everything else before the ceremony started. As a result, they had a nice, evenly paced day that wasn’t rushed, and when the couple is at ease, the pictures flow…

Carolina also had a large number of her family in from Argentina, and the music, played by Silver Sound DJ Vaughn Walter was a great mix, including Argentinian music. With time to do all the photography up front, including the “reveal” followed by a 30 minute session with just Carolina and Jordan, we had moment after moment of great photos.

As I do with just about all my weddings, I do quite a bit with off-camera lighting. This approach gives the photos a “chiaroscuro” quality to it, meaning, literally, “light-dark.” The benefits of getting the light off the camera means the light is now directional, and that casts shadows and gives amazing depth to the pictures. My assistant, Frank, did an amazing job lighting these sequences (and as an avid golfer, he mentioned it’s the first time he’s been on a golf course without playing golf).

Anyway, the Chiaroscuro approach to lighting is a huge part of my style, and I’ve included photos below that illustrate this. In every one of the photos below, you’ll see light coming in from either camera left of camera right (and in a couple of cases, from directly behind).

Thanks to Carolina and Jordan for an amazing day, and of course to Downingtown Country Club for continuing to partner with us. I love shooting there! Enjoy the pix!

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