Springton Manor Farm is awesome. I’m so lucky to live so close to what is, for me, one of the most diverse photography locations in the entire area. I’ve started doing engagement sittings there because there are so many photo ops for the happy couple. Springton Manor has it all: Farms, fields, water, animals, trees, fences, hills, stone…it’s like you can go there and do a different shoot every time based on what the couple would like.

A couple weeks ago I was scheduled to do 2 shoots there, back to back. We all had our eyes on the weather because there was rain in the forecast. When I woke up, I thought, “Ok, this is going to be fine.” I texted my groom-to-be, Sean, and he agreed we were good to go and they were coming on out. I packed my bag with fully charged cameras and set out the door.

Two minutes into my drive: RAIN. Lots of it. I quickly called Ann and Sean and told them it was raining out this way (seems like Chester County always gets it first…). They said they had already gone too far to turn back, so we were going to do this thing, rain or shine.

These types of situations are a great test for the photographer, because in the end, you don’t get to choose the weather. What if it rains on the wedding day? What it does mean, however, is that the photographer is called up to make very quick decisions about how to structure the shoot. Will this be an indoor shoot, with the entire engagement sitting taking place in a barn or under a porch (the answer is “no” in case you were wondering how I ended up on that one…). How can we use the rain to our advantage? Are there natural places we can go that offer some cover but still take advantage of the beautiful location we’ve chosen? Can we introduce any “props” that will add to the photos while also sheltering from the rain? (hats, umbrellas, etc).

I quickly answered all these questions as the couple pulled up. I pulled a black umbrella out of my trunk, had some preliminary conversations about what Ann and Sean wanted to get from the session, and we started. I shot for over an hour in the rain, and I have to tell you, this ended up being one of my favorite engagement sittings of all time. The rain, the umbrella, and Ann and Sean’s willingness to stay out there in the name of great photography really paid off. I’m tellin’ ya this is one of my favorite engagement shoots of all time. I gotta shoot in the rain more often…Springton Manor Farm seems to be a great place for photography no matter what the weather…

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