Dave and Jen were referred to me by my neighbor. We spoke early in 2010 and they had their wedding date set for Friday, October 22, 2010. I didn’t have a chance to meet them before their special day, but when I spoke to them on the phone, I knew it was going to be a great time, and I was right in all respects.

I have to say I feel blessed to do this. You get to hang out with families on what is one of the most important days of their lives and chronicle the entire day with a camera (or three). My last batch of weddings have just been so great, with great people, great families, and great parties!

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Jen was getting ready when I arrived, and was still tweaking hair and makeup. Her bridesmaids were some of the most helpful I’ve encountered this entire year, and made things easy for both Jen and for me as I shuffled from room to room, getting my signature shots as part of the pre-ceremony.

After the pre-ceremony, I followed Jen’s brother over to Dave’s house. Dave and his groomsmen were looking slick, and they were ready when I got there. The weather was perfect on this particular day, with fall colors all around. I did a large series of shots of Dave and his groomsmen, but was particularly fond of a shot I usually do. I call it the “Sex and the City Strut.” It works for both males and females. The trick is simply to get the group to more or less start walking towards you, not have them look at the camera ideally, and to walk right past me while I tee off taking a bunch of photos. This particular shot was converted to a black and white to increase the dramatic effect, and I love it.

Dave was patient, and his groomsmen and I had a ton of fun exploiting the many outdoor photo opportunities available to us.

After that, we rolled over to the reception, and did a lot of the pictures that usually take place after the ceremony. This approach allows the bride and groom to actually be present at their own cocktail hour. While it creates a little extra hustle and bustle for me, the payoff is that by the time the cocktail hour starts, you have 90 percent of the wedding in the camera. Then it’s time to capture the party!

Dave and Jen’s wedding marks my second-to-last wedding of 2010. I can say it’s been a fantastic year for me, and next year I’ll be coming out starting in March to begin the next season in earnest!

Thanks to Dave, Jen, their families, and to everyone at the event who made it special for them. They certainly made it special for me.

If you would like to see the entire wedding, head on over to my event website!