I was really honored to take photos of Katie and Mike this past Friday. They came to me as a referral last year when I was really starting to get my wedding business of the ground. I remember it was really snowy, and since they lived in Philadelphia, it was going to be rough getting there. I drove down and found a parking spot that could only be reached in a 4 x 4 vehicle. Luckily, that happened to be what I was driving at the time!

Upon entering, I met Mike, Katie, and Katie’s parents. We had an immediate connection and I chatted happily away about my family, photography, the weather and their upcoming event. I brought my laptop with me, a printed photobook, and of course, my camera. In this respect I think I’m a little unique: when I do a consultation for a wedding, I actually bring my gear with me and do an actual shoot of the couple. It’s important that I get a feel for them as photographic subjects and they of me. As soon as I put the camera up to my eye and looked through the viewfinder, I saw a couple that was going to be great for my style of photography…

Needless to say, they agreed as well.

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Congratulations, Katie and Mike, and of course to your families for their warmth and hospitality. The pix are now available on my event website!