Let me start out by saying I love Columbia Station. Having lived out in Mont Clare for a number of years, it’s been great to watch the Phoenixville area turn into a mini-Manayunk. Kelly and Andy apparently agreed, and had a fantastic reception there as well as a beautiful ceremony right off the main line.

Kelly and Andy came to me as a referral, and when I first got a phone call, it was from Kelly’s dad. At some point, he made the connection that I am the grandson of Wild Bill Guarnere, and that really livened up the conversation, as is usually the case when people find out who my grandfather is…

Nonetheless, the last thing we talked about was Kelly and Andy getting the final decision on their chosen wedding photographer, so I happily sent over some samples and from there all one can do is wait…a couple of short days later, I got the call that I would be the official photographer for their wedding. Awesome!

Kelly and Andy warmed up to the camera very well, and as the day went on, they let me pull out some of my signature shots. One of the cool things about Columbia Station is the bridal party gets to hang out in this caboose out front of the main building, and it’s a bridal “suite” of sorts, where the bridal party gets hot appetizers, a full bar, lots of raw oysters and tons of shrimp…man it was fun!

Kelly and Andy threw a great party, and as always, I thank them and their parents for the hospitality and of course for the opportunity to take the wedding pictures that will last a lifetime!

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