Jill and Arun had a really great wedding. Combining 2 religious ceremonies with a beautiful, scenic background and a wonderful outdoor event, it was everything you could hope for on your wedding day.

Jill and Arun came to me on somewhat short notice, so I was happy to be able to step in and cover this wonderful event (not to mention it was 8 minutes from my home). Springton Manor Farm is actually kind of my photographic “Area 51.” Basically, every time I get some new equipment, I tend to drive over to Springton Manor Farm to try it out. Therefore, the number of photos I have taken there is in the several hundreds…This, however, would be my first wedding there, so I felt comfortable knowing the terrain and was really pumped to see how they did weddings.

One of the cool things at Springton Manor is there’s just so much ground. As an active farm, there’s just TONS to see: the butterfly house, the Great Barn, the beautiful lake, trees that are hundreds of years old, but on top of all that, it’s just a happy place to have a wedding. Apparently Jill and Arun came to that conclusion as well!

Given the great weather, I was able to do some of my signature shots, one of which involves getting the bridal party to lay on the ground. It’s a shot that ends up in every album I do, and although it is sometimes received with a little hesitation, all my couples are really thrilled once they see the finished shot. To keep the playing field the same, I lay on the ground, too. If you decide to hire me to shoot your wedding, you can bet I’ll ask you to do this unless it’s raining, snowing, or you’re standing on hot coals 🙂

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Thanks to Jill and Arun for having me at their event. It was really awesome! If you’re here looking for the full gallery, then head on over to my event website and check out the entire day!